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Parents of young children...if COVID19 has you feeling down and isolated, connecting with your community is more critical than ever.


This is a FREE program.

Participation and Family with children Ages 0- 5

requirements, however, siblings are included.


Our Long-term goal is to build a Legacy for community families.

A Safe Place

Where parents find a safe space to connect, and kids have fun gathering together.

This project was born from our community, with the aim of building connections and enriching the lives of our youngest members.


What we offer

  • Education & Resources

  • Activities to bond with your child

  • Incentives when you come back!

  • An opportunity to share your input on how together we can help our community.

  • Friendships!

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Mission Statement

Box 72 STRUT is an organization that is extended to all families. 

By reaching communities of diversity with the highest effort to redirect the way legacy is structured, genuine connection endless and unlimited, empathy for all that want acquire authentic collaboration and support services. 

This group would like to create a safe space for parents to go to have positive bonding time with their children through reading, arts, and play. Also, they would like for parents to meet other parents to build trust and a support system in their community for those who typically have nowhere to go in times of need or stress.

To change the flow of how families connect at home and in the community. This uniquely designed service is for each to connect children, individuals that come from various backgrounds, and those revolving around people in a group setting. The goal is to inspire choose to grow and navigate all possibilities with stress but with support. Being energized in this specialized community will develop a new way to connect with peace, hope, and loyalty. Timing, steps, standards, assessment with long-lasting leadership will change the way we grip hands in situations. The gift of love in sense of legacy will provide connection, community, and home life moving forward in strong but encompassing healthy for all.


Contact Information for STRUT:

Phone: 925.435.4929

Your child's safety is our priority. DUE TO COVID19 Adults must wear masks. Sanitation supplies will be provided and we will practice social distancing. Some meetings may be virtual to ensure the safety of families. In which case we will arrange distribution of materials in advance for those that register.

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