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Safe & loving atmosphere


A little about

Ms. Nae

Hello, my name is Ms. Nae (Wonderful). During this time in my life, I'm very fortunate to have the opportunity to play, explore, learn, create, and offer services to families with kindness.  My life experiences have provided me with an opportunity to lead, demonstrate, connect, and provide safety to a multitude of families. Providing parents a safe go to work freely, learn a new trade, obtain higher education, and a place to retreat when life requires us to rest, relax, and renew.  This kind of walk through life has given me a foundation to provide balance and be resourceful. Which has extended the ultimate authority to help the village by giving a safe place, the gift of kindness,  peace, hope, and loyalty. I take total pride in being able to enjoy helping, assisting, and guiding families that are each amazingly design. Through this process of life, I have acquired the tools to free, but safe while enjoying life little blessings (children) in my care. Which extends to parents, grandparents, Foster parents, and extended care providers to be their unique selves. Providing this kind of service allows children to grow naturally, explore, and enjoy long-lasting opportunities. All participants are given the opportunity to play, explore, and create an adventure that makes memories of winning, comfort, and providing a happy environment. 



This program is custom-designed to meet the nature exploration of each child. With that being said your child begins learning from the moment we greet one another until we say our see you later response.

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We are apart of the

Beanstalk Food Program

What is the Beanstalk Child Care Food Program?

The Child Care Food Program is a United States Department of Agriculture program designed to help children receive nutritious, well-balanced meals. The program is available to children under the age of 13 who are in licensed family childcare homes. Beanstalk acts as an umbrella sponsor for over 600 licensed family childcare homes throughout the region. The program is also administered in Beanstalk centers. The meals must meet the standards established by the USDA. Beanstalk staff regularly monitor homes and centers for compliance, offer technical assistance, and training.


We accept Child Action 


What is Child Action, Inc.?

Subsidized child care is financial assistance to eligible families for child care costs.  Many organizations in Sacramento County provide child care subsidies but they often have waiting lists. To make it easier to find families in need of child care subsidies, a number of subsidy organizations participate in the “Childcare Eligibility List” (or CEL) which is a wait list maintained by Child Action, Inc. of families who have completed an application for subsidized child care programs. To be placed on waiting lists for any of these programs, please contact the organization directly. Phone: 916.369.0191

Tuition Fees

(Includes Meals, Snacks, and Activities)

Hours: Monday- Friday
5:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.


Weekday Care

(September to May)

Ages: Birth to Kindergarten

  • 4-5 Days/Week: $300.00/Week

  • 1-3 Days/Week: $70.00/Day

School-Age Care


Kindergarten and Up

  • Year-Round Rate: $400.00/Week or $70.00/Day

  • Modified: $350.00/Week or $70.00/Day

  • Traditional: $325.00/Week or $70.00/Day

Weekend Care Packages (weekday care that includes care on Saturday and/or Sunday)

  • 3-5 Days/Week: $350.00

  • 1-2 Days/Week: $70.00/Day

(Saturday and/or Sunday only)

All Ages

  • Weekend Rate: $90.00/Day

6-7 Days/Week (Includes Weekend Care)

  • Rate: 3-5 Days/Week rate plus $70.00 per day for care on the 6th and 7th day.

Summer Camp

(June to August)

All Ages

  • Rate: $400.00/Week or $70.00/Day

Additional Childcare Information

  • Registration Fee: $90.00/Child (Due at Enrollment and Annually in September)

  • Rate: $18/Hour (Extended Hours for all ages (Past 5:30 p.m.)

  • Charges for child absences and provider's closed/unavailable days.

  • No family discount available.

​Additional Services

Ask for more information and prices. 

  • Before/After School Care

  • Parents' Night Out

  • Respite Care

  • In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS)

  • Transportation Services

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Paid Holidays
and Closure

  • Memorial Day - Closed May 27th

  • July 4th - Closed

  • Labor Day - Closed

  • Veterans Day - TBA

  • Thanksgiving Break - TBA

  • Christmas Break TBA

  • New Year's Eve -TBA

  • Martin Luther King - Closed Monday the 15th 

  • Presidents Holidays - Closed February 12th

  • Spring Break - TBA

  • Summer Vacation- June 28th-July 14th closed

  • August 30th- TBA

Certifications, Education, and Credentials

  • BA Human Development with an emphasis  in Childhood Education 

  • Master of Education with an emphasis  in curriculum 

  • Master Teacher emphasis Permit 

  • Family Childcare Licence

  • CPR/First Aid

  • Health and safety 

  • Continuing Education 

  • Highscope

  • Child action 

  • Mandated reporter 

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I had the pleasure of meeting Shanae this spring through a Sacramento nanny group on Facebook. Shanae had posted that she provides childcare services and driving assistance. I reached out to Shanae to see if she would be interested in helping our family out. Speaking with her on the phone was a pleasure and she provided a reference who I enjoyed speaking with. Her reference highlighted how Shanae went above and beyond with childcare services for her family, and I felt encouraged and comfortable to leverage her services. I have used Shanae for babysitting and also for driving. She showed up on time, and we were grateful for the care and services she provided for our family. We wish Shanae the best!

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I have nothing but high marks for Box 72. My family was faced with providing last minute daycare for my 3-year-old grandson and Box72 was there for us. We all work 8:00 am to 5:00 pm jobs in various areas of town and Box 72 solved the issue of proximity to a daycare by providing drop off and pick up at my son’s place of work. The pickup and drop offs were always timely and stress free. This was an extremely trying time for our family as the primary caregiver to the three-year-old left without notice. We were provided regular updates on our child’s progress via text with pictures showing him happy and well taken care of. Ms. Nae was warm and loving with him and our 3-year-old bonded quickly with her. The care and support for not only our child but our family, continued with once a week in home sessions via Strut Community Project. Ms. Nae provided in home outreach working with our child and the adults in the home. Games were played that assisted in our child’s educational and social skills development. Between COVID and the lack of nurturing and bonding time with his mother, that other children at his age normally receive, our child was behind socially, educationally and in his verbal communication. Ms. Nae did an amazing job identifying the areas that our child needed assistance in and she provided tools for our child and for the adults to use to assist our child. The time spent in the home with our child and the adults in the home was invaluable. Our child felt at ease in the home doing the activities and this allowed for greater participation by the adults in the home. Our child eagerly looked forward to the weekly session with Ms. Nae. Box72 and Strut Community Project have been such a blessing to our family. The timing of our involvement with these two groups was perfect. Our child continues to develop and is doing very well educationally, and continues to make strides with his social and speech skills. We owe so much to Ms. Nae and her programs the effort, activities and time spent by her were the spring boards to our child’s road to being successful in school and in life. Thank you Ms. Nae

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